Want to learn how to really find the best whey protein?

whey protein - Hi, I'm Alex Rogers, President of Proteinfactory.com.  I am writing this article to give you a good understanding of whey protein powder and what to look for in order to buy the best quality.  I feel I am by far the most qualified person to give you this information.  I own and run the world's only FDA registered and inspected dietary supplement company that can customize individual protein powders.  I was the first company to sell and market whey protein isolate, super plasma protein, oatmeal powder instant carbohydrate, and Peptopro.

whey protein - I currently manufacturer the world's only legitimate myostatin inhibitor called, Myo T12.  Therefore as you can see I am they most qualified when it comes to knowing about protein and it's relationship to sports nutrition.  Now let's start talking about whey protein.

I am going to start from scratch and take you all the way to the retail shelf.  First where does whey protein come from?  Well all over the world really.  But mainly from USA, Europe, and New Zealand.  I would have to say quality wise the whey protein from Western Europe and New Zealand is the best.  Why?  Because of the cows.  Whey protein is a dairy product from milk.  The cows in western Europe and New Zealand are grass fed and hormone free.  It's actually illegal to use these techniques for dairy cows in these countries.  Now keep in mind this is non- verifiable by the FDA.  Thus anyone can claim their whey protein is from grass fed cows.  Thus in order to be 100% certain, simply ask the company that is claiming this what country they buy their whey protein from.  If they do not know then you know they are full of it.

Where is your whey protein born?

Second, once you've established where you whey protein comes from you want to know the protein percentage.  You want to buy a whey protein with a protein percentage that is 85% or higher.  Get a calculator and divide the protein grams by the serving size grams.  That will give you a number like .67 or .87....something like that.  Move the decimal place over two times to the right and that will give you the percentage.  Here at Proteinfactory.com we actually have a protein powder that is about 97% protein.  This is the highest in the world and you will never find this type of quality on the retail shelf

The good stuff in your whey protein.

Next, is you want to find out the immunoglobulin (IGG)  content because this is a good indicator of how much a protein has been denatured.  Keep this in mind of the facts about whey protein.  #1 their is no such thing as cold-processed whey protein.  #2 Their is no such thing as whey protein coming from raw unpastuerized milk.  Thus find the IGG content of the whey protein.  Most likely it will be 1% or less.  This is because the whey protein comes from cheese and it has been pasteurized twice.  If you can you want a whey protein that is about 5% IGG to 10% IGG.  Proteinfactory.com sells a whey protein isolate that comes directly from milk thus it is half as denatured as whey protein coming from cheese.

So there you have it!  I tell my customers when looking to find the best protein powder to let the numbers speak for themselves.  The supplement industry and the company's that sell dietary supplements are just too good at marketing pitches and sales hype.  But the one thing that they cannot hide from is the factual numbers.  Thus the numbers is the ONLY way to judge the quality of a whey protein, and not the marketing hype and slick words.  Taste is also a terrible way to judge the quality of a protein.  Never taste a whey protein and say to yourself, "Wow this tastes great it must be good quality!".  Actually its just the opposite.  Good taste requires alot of flavoring ingredients which takes away from the protein powder and as a result the protein percentage goes down.  You're paying for protein right?  Not flavoring!

Finally my company, Proteinfactory, carries the highest quality whey protein powders the world has the offer.  I frequently challenge my nay sayers to find a better protein than mine.  Needless to say after 15 years I am still undefeated!  Here's to whey protein.

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